Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paper towel water transfer science experiment for kids

We have been having so much science fun lately in our house. From balloon powered rockets to experimenting with food coloring, my little guy is having a blast learning!

I got this idea off Pinterest from:
Special thanks to this site for helping me explain this water transfer experiement to my son:

First, I started out with only 4 glasses and added another after the process began (I found some green food coloring that had fallen out of the box!).

So set up your station with atleast 2 or more glasses. Your middle glasses should be empty... like this:

Drop some food coloring into the water, you could skip this step... but I like how the color helps you to see the process better!

Then take some paper towels and drape them from glass to glass. It should look like this:

Then you wait.

And wait... until-


Enjoy!~ Miranda