Sunday, August 5, 2012

super easy DIY kids shoe storage

My son has this problem. Too many toys. My son has been blessed with toys since he was little, but he doesn't like to part with any of them. So we are always left with finding places to put his toys so the house doesn't look as cluttered. In an effort to utilize his closet for toy storage I had to figure out a way to get his shoes off the floor. I would use an over the door shoe holder, but some of those do not hang low enough for him to reach. Plus I would rather use something we already have to save money. 
So this is what I came up with. 

I took some unused baskets and hung them up on the inside of his closet. By hanging them on the side he can use the inside of the basket as well as the top. Make sure the nails you use are heavy enough to hold the shoes!

Super easy, cost me nothing and the baskets are low enough so my toddler can pick out his shoes. And it may not seem like just by getting rid of shoes on the floor it would clear up space but, boy oh boy it really did!

And if you want to really jazz up the baskets line the back with scrapbook paper. 

~ Miranda


  1. What a genius idea - absolutely love it!!!

  2. Use wire hangers to organize your kids shoes wholesale and keep them off the floor. Just bend the hangers like the ones in the photo above and decorate with paper or fabric.
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