Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Very Manly Easter Basket

Easter isn't always about the kiddos, sometimes we show our love to a spouse by making a special Easter basket. Here's some ideas for the special man in your life this Easter:

 Fun ones, serious ones or holiday ones, most men appreciate a new tie. Ties are great to roll up and put in an Easter egg too!

Maybe instead of Easter eggs the bunny left something a little more suited to your honey's taste? Individual beer bottles placed here and there in his basket will make him smile wide (especially since most stores are closed on Easter!)

-Bottle Opener

How else are you gonna open all that beer? There are so many cool options for beer openers especially if you've got a nerd for a sweetheart!

Buy him the next book in his favorite series (Game of Thrones, anyone?). Or one he's been drooling over for a while. If he's an electronic reader then maybe a gift card instead.

-Video Game
Speaking of entertainment... the new Army of Two came out just in time for Easter!

-Jewelry or Watch
You can even go big with his basket and slip a new watch (pocket watches are coming back!) or his choice of jewelry into an Easter egg. I bet he'd never expect it.

-Giant Candy!

What guy wouldn't like this?! Find it at Vat19.com

And last but not least:

-Coffee Mug
Get it personalized or nerded out, whatever the mug, just know that he'll never let you use it!

Happy Easter!

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