Friday, October 18, 2013

Ridiculously easy Halloween Garland for kids

This little Halloween garland is so ridiculously easy. I just gave my 4 year old all the supplies and let him have at it. Here is what you need for this simple decoration:

- Construction paper *we went with orange, black and green*
- Markers or crayon
- Scissors
- Glue or tape
- String

So first let you kiddos cut out some pumpkin shapes. 

Then draw some pumpkin faces on them. This was the only part I really helped with. 

Hey look, a Miley pumpkin! (hehe)

Then have the kiddos use the green paper to cut out some stems for the pumpkins. Have them glue on each side of the top of the pumpkin so there is an opening left on the stem to fish the string through. 

And voila. That's it. Just fish the string through the stems and hang it where you please. Easy peasy! 

Happy Haunting! ~ Miranda

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