Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 Summer Bucket List

Typically when you think of a "bucket list" your mind can go in a direction that can leave you feeling down. But when I saw people putting a new spin on it, I decided to jump on board. 
A Summer bucket list!  
A list of all things you want to do, or in my case, my family wants to do before the summer end.

So our list goes a little something like this:

*make stick airplanes (done!)
*make a kiddie carwash
*make homemade lemonade
*ice cream party
*Family BBQ
*have a campfire cookout
*See the waves
*play with water balloons
*watch the sun set
*put our feet in the sand
*watch the fireworks on the 4th of July
*build a sand castle
*play putt putt
*have a picnic
*ride on a boat
*make sno cones

After we've done one of the things on our list, we will drop that clothes pin in the bucket.

I placed the bucket in our living room, so I will see it every day to remind me that this summer is about having fun as a family, and to motivate us to do all the wonderful things we want to do!

I will be updating on our progress as the summer goes on. 

~ Miranda

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