Saturday, June 9, 2012

Color suds

It can be exhausting keeping a toddler entertained all day. When he has gone through every train, car, coloring book and spoon in the house I have to dig deep to find something that will hold his interest. 

One thing that never fails- bubbles. So how could I top bubbles?
Well, technically these are colored sudsy bubbles made 
from dish soap. Still awesome!

Here's what you do-

Pour some dish soap into a plastic tub 
(I used a larger sized Tupperware container)
Pour water into tub until there are lots and lots of suds
Pour most of the water out until you are left with just mostly suds 
(I had to fill and pour a couple of times to get the amount of suds I wanted)
Put a drops of different food coloring into the suds
Stir, play, enjoy!

*You may also want to put some type of gloves onto yourself and kids- we learned the hard way and had hands and arms that looked like the Hulk for a couple of days after we did this project. But the green eventually came off*

~ Miranda

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