Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pantry raid- Honey Mustard Chicken Fingers

More often than not, I begin to run out of groceries before I have a chance to get to the store again. I'm left having to do a pantry raid to scramble something up for dinner. My little guy has been asking for "Chik-fil-a" for days and I haven't been able to take him lately. So I came up with the next best thing. Chicken fingers. 
But I had no flour or eggs on hand to make the usual. So I had to get creative. I decided to try a honey mustard dredge in place of the egg, and use bread crumbs instead of flour. 

After rinsing the chicken I cut it up into the usual chicken finger size. I poured some honey mustard onto one plate and the bread crumbs onto another. 
*I used panko because it was all I had on hand, feel free to use whatever breadcrumbs you want- this is where you can get creative with your flavors*. 
I dredged the chicken in the honey mustard then tossed them into the bread crumbs. I then placed them into a baking dish and I had sprayed with a little bit of non stick cooking spray. They should look like this:

I then put them in a 425 degree oven. I would love to tell you how long I cooked these for, but since my oven acts up occasionally and for some reason it takes decades longer to make stuff in my oven than it should, just cook them for however long you would normally cook chicken.

After checking my chicken with a meat thermometer to ensure they were done, they were nice and golden brown.  

I will admit, I was worried about how they would come out. This is not something I've made before, and I've never used a honey mustard base for baking. I had PB&J on standby just in case. 
But my little guy took one bite and said "yummm- "Chik-fil-a!", I knew this recipe was a keeper. 
And after seeing this as my husband's Facebook status this morning I was beaming. 

 It's not every day I get kudos for my cooking!

~ Miranda